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Who is Ziggy?
Why don't you find out out: ziggydenim.com

Born into Melbourne’s glorious street art alleyways, and raised in the debaucherous Fitzroy warehouse parties, Ziggy is the lovechild of a plaid-clad bassist and $10 jugs. Ziggy believes that jeans are art. They are wearable, liveable canvases, ready for you to project the best version of yourself onto them. They absorb bits and pieces of your life, changing as often as you do. They soak up the beer stains, the cigarette burns, the paint flecks, and the soy sauce dripping from your midnight Chinatown dumpling run. Regular jeans don’t do that. They’re too precious, too contrived. Ziggy wanted to make a change, and create something that would last til the last dance. Attacking his own denim with a pair of nail scissors and a quart of vodka, he stripped everything down to a blank canvas: simple, solid and cheap. Ziggy Denim starts off as anonymous: individual just like everyone else. And then they become reflections of your life. You can be who you want in them. Dress them up, dress them down, cross-dress, undress… They’re not sexy. They’re unisexy. Ziggy is not a fashion designer, and doesn’t want to be known as one. It’s not him: it’s you. You can’t buy jeans with personality, but you can create them. Seeped in sin and scotch, Ziggy Denim lets you create whoever you want to be. They are playful, anonymous, androgynous, and ready to be crafted. It’s a party in your pants.


AW 2011

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ziggydenim
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ziggydenim

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