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Vogue is an international fashion magazine published in 16 countries and Latin America by Conde Nast Publications. The first issue came out in 1892. It was first founded as a weekly publication by Arthur Baldwin Turnure. In 1909 Conde Nast picked it up.


               	Editor-in-Chief 	  Start year 	End year

United States:

                         Josephine Redding 	  1892               1901
                         Marie Harrison 	  1901 	             1914
                         Edna Woolman Chase 1914 	             1951
                         Jessica Daves 	  1952 	             1963
                         Diana Vreeland 	  1963 	             1971
                         Grace Mirabella 	  1971 	             1988
                         Anna Wintour 	               1988 	             present

United Kingdom:

                         Elspeth Champcommunal  1916       1923
                         Dorothy Todd 	   1923 	  1926
                         Alison Settle 	    1926 	  1936
                         Elizabeth Penrose 	  1936 	             1940
                         Audrey Withers 	  1940 	             1961
                         Ailsa Garland 	                1961 	             1965
                         Beatrix Miller 	                1965 	             1984
                         Alexandra Shulman 	  1992 	             present


                         Colombe Pringle           1987 	             1994
                         Joan Juliet Buck 	  1994 	             2001
                         Carine Roitfeld 	  2001 	             2011
                         Emmanuelle Alt              2011               present

Italy: Franca Sozzani 1988 present


Anna Wintour's (Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue 1988-) then-assistant Lauren Weisberger wrote a roman à clef entitled The Devil Wears Prada, which became a Academy-Award nominated film.


In 2007, RJ Cutler directed a documentary showing Anna Wintour's work for the September issue of the US Vogue. Titled "The September Issue", it followed the editor-in-chief and her staff around New York and Paris, documenting their shoots and day-to-day office life. Although the documentary originally focused on Wintour, the unexpected star of it was Grace Coddington, a former model that got into the magazine business after suffering a car crash in her young years and is nowadays the magazine's creative director.

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