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Viv & Ingrid jewelry is handmade in San Francisco by a group of women selected for their detailed workmanship. Viv & Ingrid use a variety of metals including sterling silver, 14k gold-filled and 14k vermeil. Each stone is semi-precious, all pearls are freshwater and every crystal is Swarovski. All Viv&Ingrid jewelry comes with their signature packaging. Their colorful prints change every season.

Vivian Wang and Ingrid Chen met as young girls and remained close friends through adulthood. In January of 1999, while discussing the latest fashion trends over coffee, they realized that they were a design team waiting to happen. Vivian with her free-spirited flair, Ingrid with her refined detailing, both obsessive compulsive; they set out together to create a new philosophy in accessible luxuries for the modern woman.

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