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Much like its varied collections amar transcends borders, cultures and languages, taking on as many guises as the amar woman herself, from its translation into love (in Spanish), eternity (in Hindu), summer (in Armenian), tranquil (in Mongolian), moon (in Arabic) and strong (in Burmese) and its original meaning – wolf, in Inuit Indian.

Amar is stocked in over 60 independent boutiques across Australia and in close to 10 boutiques throughout China. amar has also previously stocked in the UK, Korea, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Since its establishment, amar has appeared in publications in Australia, USA, Asia and the UK. Some of the publications that have featured amar include - Madison, Instyle, Marie Claire, Shop til You Drop, Cosmo, Cleo, OK!, Who, Famous, Grazia, as well as every major Australian newspaper. In addition, amar has been used in media campaigns for Midori, Ernest Hillier Chocolates, independent films and television.


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