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Terani Couture
Headquarters USA
Website www.teranicouture.com

Terani Couture is an internationally known fashion brand specializing in women’s occasion dressing. The Terani Couture collections range from Prom and Homecoming to Evening, Cocktail, Pageant, Mother of the Bride, and Suits.


Terani Couture believes that every woman deserves to have luxury within arm’s reach and achieves this through elegant designs, fine fabrics, and lavish detailing. This forward thinking philosophy has manifested designs with flattering silhouettes that enhance the wearer’s natural beauty – enabling women of all ages to enter a room feeling beautiful and confident.


Terani Couture was founded in New York City in 1990. Initially known for impeccably tailored and embellished suits, the company expanded into broader design horizons by adding additional special occasion categories. In 1998, Terani Couture expanded its collections to include Evening Couture. The design focus of Terani Couture is exceptional embroidery, beading and lavish embellishments that create elegant, classic Special Occasion creations.In 2004, Terani Couture launched its own Prom division.Since 2012, Terani Couture collections expanded its sales from strictly specialty stores and boutiques. At a present time, the Terani Couture collections are available domestically and world-wide at the finest retail stores which include Bloomingdales,[1] Dillard’s,[2] Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom,[3] and Saks Fifth Avenue[4] in Dubai.

Celebrity and Editorial Appearances

Terani Couture on the cover of Seventeen Prom

Terani Couture is a world-renowned brand that is seen in the pages of major publications such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen (American magazine), Teen Prom, and Prom Girl. Terani Couture dresses are worn at many red carpet events including the Oscars and the Tony Awards. Terani Couture’s unique styles have been seen in films and on television in Twilight, Gossip Girl and American Idol, among others. Celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Ashley Greene, Shawn Johnson, Vana White, and Madeline Caroll have all proudly worn Terani Couture. In addition to celebrities, many pageant contestants – and winners – have chosen to wear Terani Couture when competing for their crowns.[5]

Every season new collections from Terani Couture are highlighted at major fashion industry trade shows such as New York Coterie, Intermezzo in New York, The Bride Show Los Angeles, MAGIC in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Bridal, Dallas Market Center, Chicago National Bridal Market, Pure England and many more. In addition to participating in every major market show, Terani Couture creates runway presentations at [1][6] and at their corporate showroom in Atlanta, Georgia.

The accomplished Terani Couture design team is consistently researching fabrics, embellishments and trends in an effort to keep their customers dressed in the highest fashion possible.The Terani Couture label is available at major retailers and department stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Egypt, Kuwait and Lebanon.Terani Couture dresses are offered in all sizes range from 00 to 24.


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