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Tantrum magazine
Issue 2 cover.jpg
Name Tantrum magazine
Created March 2010
Author Navneet Gill
Origin United Kingdom
Style Fashion, Music, Culture

Tantrum Magazine is an online-based quarterly publication from the UK, aimed at unconventional and independent fashion-forward individuals aged 16-25. It intends to bring the reader the best of the fashion world, combining high-fashion and top designers with emerging independent labels.

The highly visual content draws inspiration from the DIY ‘zine culture, which is recreated with a modern edge. Tantrum gives a completely new meaning and fresh twist to the phrase ‘style with substance’. Taking the spotlight off the countless whimsical magazines of the day, Tantrum caters for those who prefer their dose of fashion with an eclectic mix of music and cultural features and a whole load of attitude.

Tantrum Magazine

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