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The Sunflares Plethora
Aya Smith
Name The Sunflares Plethora
Created 2009
Author Clara
Origin Indonesisa
Style Fashion,style


A 1989 born lady named Clara Devi Handriatmadja is one figure you will find behind this blog. This young Indonesian female represent her strong passions on vintage fashion, artworks, photography and nature by creating her own blog titled the Sunflares Plethora. She loves taking her outfits pictures in the nature spots, sometimes with her loyal dogs and one Canon camera named Luce. In her journal you can find diverse kind of reads, mostly fashion-related, but also other writings such as quotes, poetry, and short inspirational stories.

She often wears handmade items, mostly dresses and accessories, which all photographed on details. You could also find fashion tips and advertorial opportunities on her main page. As written on her blog page, she has "one mission to declare : that everyone deserves to be appreciated for their own fashion taste."

One of her note about fashion : ...Yet then I grew up, widening my perspective, and slowly realized that fashion is not merely what those famous people wear or known magazines say about the mainstream fashion line in the world - fashion is beyond all of that. Fashion is more about the spirit, the atmosphere, the inspirations, the creativity. And that's made fashion belongs to everyone.

Now this title is no longer existed and had replaced with a new title : LUCEDALE[[1]]. Visit now :


"a multitalent girl. smart and beautiful"

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