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Sretsis sisters

Sretsis , which means sister spelt backwards, was founded in 2002. The label is derived from the bond of three sisters: Pim, Kly and Martina. [2]

Born in 1979, Sretsis lead designer, Pim Sukhahuta's career started before she knew it, having just an overnight to decide to open her first boutique while she was still a junior at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York, where she lived with her sisters for four years [3]. Quickly, she became noticed for her girlish yet quirky designs using whimsical prints on delicate fabrics like silk chiffon and charmeuse. She graduated from Fashion Design in 2003, with a store and two fashion shows. She had also completed an internship with Marc Jacobs. [4]

Altogether, the sisters combine Pim who is the head designer, Kly, a magazine star turned fashion marketer, and Matina collaborates her jewellery line for each collections. Matina, 28 the youngest Sukhahuta sister recently started the Matina Amanita jewellery collection. [5] Kly Sukhahuta, 32, the eldest sister is in control of marketing and promotions for the label. [6]

Pim’s signature style is not conventional, "It’s all about whimsical prints, nostalgic details with a modern-day attitude. We don’t believe in locking up clothes only for special occasions. We want girls to experience the regular joy of dressing up.” Pim likes to work with silk, chiffons and silk satins in her designs while mixing them with various textures. [7] Pim credits growing up in various places as her inspiration for her eclectic designs. [8]Sretsis imports fabrics from all over the world, including Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. [9] Sretsis currently have 25 seamstresses who work at their Bangkok headquarters. They hand-finish many of the garments. [10]

Sretsis' first break into the United States fashion market, came when Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton were photographed wearing the same chambray buttoned dress. [11]

Sretsis have been recognised globally, with mentions in Vogue, Elle, Instyle and the New York Post. The garments have been worn on various celebrities, such as Paris and Nicky Hilton, Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry. [12]



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