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Something That's Me
Something That's Me.JPG
Name Something That's Me
Created April 2008
Author Sabrina Ria Wijaya
Origin Jakarta, Indonesia
Style Fashion, Hollywood, movies, personal


Sabrina Ria Wijaya (born in September 18, 1989) is a non-fashion blogger who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is the owner of Something That's Me. You can call her Sabee for short.

The blog: Something That's Me

In 2008, Sabee decided to make a blog. At first, she made it just for writing down what is on her mind. Not like any other blog, Something That's Me is not all about fashion. Sabee the owner posts mostly about her personal stories that is why she named this blog Something That's Me. So, basically this blog is a mixed up between personal stories, fashion, movies and many other things which written by her and for her pleasure. In the other words, she has a lovely blog where you can get a lot of information other than just fashion. You will be in her world, once you read her blog.

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