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Sideb Apparel
Founded 2011
Headquarters Sydney, Australia

Sideb Apparel is a new community based custom clothing store with a planned launch before the end of 2011.

How It Works


The products available on Sideb Apparel are generated from user submissions. Design submissions are open to everyone and in general most designs are accepted. The exceptions to this, are designs that are offensive, infringe on others' intellectual property or have technical issues with them.


Once a design has been submitted, it is showcased. This is where customers can place pre-orders. If enough pre-orders are met, the design goes into production and the customers that placed pre-orders will receive their products. If the design fails to meet minimum number of pre-orders the design doesn't go into production. Customers that place pre-orders are not charged until it has been confirmed that they will receive their products.


Designers who have successful designs go on to earn a commission for every item sold. Additional commissions can be earned through the use of a designated link that the designer can use to promote their products. Periodic awards and cash prizes are also made to the most successful designers.


The concept of Sideb Apparel is built on a number of internet trends, namely group buying, custom clothing and social networking. One of the aims of Sideb Apparel is to provide a platform for young designers that have ideas but limited knowledge or capital to enter into the fashion industry.

The submission process allows some flexibility and control over how a designers work is marketed and sold. Designers are able to control the pricing as well as promotion of their designs. Interactive features on the website also allow designers to communicate with customers and other designers.


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