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Headquarters Italy


The RosyGarbo company has been working into the haute couture for 30 years, creating wedding and ceremony dresses strictly "Made in Italy".

The dresses are made totaly in the old artisan way, taking care of all the details and particulars; the headquartes is located near by Venice, very important area for this kind of product.We work exclusively with textiles from the most important cities in Italy.

Every item was completely manufactured in Italy from thread through all subsequent production steps by highly qualified workers. The embroideries and the applcations were hand made and make each item unique.

"rosyGarbo" style is unique for the continues research of contrast of fabrics and colors, and also for the original mix between Murano glass (Venezia) and rosyGarbo art.

The "Veneto" region has inspired the fashion designer since the begging of this company.

The "rosyGarbo" company is admit at the "National House of Italian Fashion" and has been showing her style at the most important high fashion catwalk in the world "Donna sotto le stelle" in Rome at Piazza di Spagna. Every year the rosyGarbo collections are showing at "Si Sposa Italia", the international presentation of Bridal in Milan (Italy).

The RosyGarbo items are sold in the italian store and in other shops over the national territory.

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