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Romance Was Born
Romance was born.jpg
Name Romance Was Born
Created 2001
Founder(s) Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales
Origin Australia
Type Fashion label
Website [1]


Romance Was Born is an Australian fashion label by design duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales.

Origin & Development

Plunket and Sales met whilst studying at East Sydney Technical College, After graduating they were invited to attend the Fourth International Support Awards in Italy where they famously turned down an internship with John Galliano. Instead they returned to Australia to start their own label Romance Was Born.

Special Features

Romance Was Born's over the top embellished style, that could be likened to the works of Galliano, often alludes everyday aussies, However whilst 'turning the dreaded cultural cringe on its head' they still stay true to their roots, often referencing Australiana kitsch and collaborating with aussie artists such as Del Kathryn Barton.



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