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Phos Phoro
Founded 2008
Founder(s) Spencer Webber
Headquarters Australia
Website http:///

The label creates clothing which explores alternative beauty and aesthetic freely, without prior established ideals or conventions.

The focus is on what can be done differently, and the challenge of doing what might not have been done before, to create distinctive clothes, with interest a higher priority than just function.

With a strong attention to detail and layering, individual and unique pieces are made for the confident individual, to style in a way expressive of their own personalities.

The label aims to challenge ideas of what is fashion, and pieces may not be identified as evening or day-wear, leaving it to the wearer to decide.

The main focus is not on trends, rather the reinterpretation of existing notions about clothing, culture and philosophy, through Fashion.

The label is designed by Spencer Webber a young Australian designer based in Sydney.

He studied the Fundamentals at The Design Centre, completing units in: Graphic, Furniture, 3-D, costume, sculpture as well as Visual perception and expression before focusing his appreciation for an alternative aesthetic on clothing.

He completed an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design at the renowned Fashion Design Studio (formerly known as East Sydney), in 2007. That same year due to the innovation of his graduating range, he was chosen to create a collection for fashion week the following year. In 2008 his collection debuted at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week as part of the '4 BOYS', parade.

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