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Phillip Lim
Founded 2004
Founder(s) Phillip Lim, Wen Zhou
Headquarters New York, United States
Industry Fashion Retail
Products Clothing, Eyewear, Handbags, Shoes


Phillip Lim was born in Thailand and grew up in Orange County California [1]. Phillip Lim admitted that for a long time he didn’t even know that fashion was even an option for him [2]. He started out studying Finance and Business at college before it became really clear that this was not the career path for him [2]. His mother was a seamstress however, so he always felt comfortable around fabrics and clothes, eventually realising that this was right profession for him [1]

Phillip Lim was once a design assistant at Katayone Adeli [3]. He launched his first collection back in 2004 with the help of his friend and fabric supplier, Wen Zhou [4]. Soon after his first collection was launched, his line of clothing was critically acclaimed by other designers, magazine editors, celebrities and punters alike [4]. Since then, his line has been favourite of A-list celebrities like Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Hudson,fueling demand upwards of $12 million wholesale by his third season [4].

Phillip Lim is famous for his effortless and classic aesthetic with a characteristically offbeat edge. Critics describe his womenswear collection as "girlish refinement and laid-back ease with moments of quirky romance" [4]. His accessories embellished with Swarovski crystals and shift dresses adorned with pearls exemplify his arty side.In 2007, he won the prestigious CFDA Swarovski award—among fellow design contenders Thakoon Panichgul and Rodarte [3].

3.1 Phillip Lim store in Soho NY[5]

In 2007, Lim decided to expand his clothing line. He introduced a line for men's clothing and another one for kids [6].In June of the same year, he opened his first retail store – named after his first collection 3.1 – in New York. In 2008, he opened new stores in Tokyo Japan and in Los Angeles, California. Just recently, he opened his flagship store in Seoul, Korea [6].

Today, Lim is known in over 45 countries worldwide. He had also launched his collections in 400 different boutiques around the world [6]. Of course, he never failed to look back at his humble beginnings. Phillip Lim also had his collections displayed at Barneys – the first store where he worked for during his California State University days [6].

3.1 phillip lim


Luxurious, feminine style with a twist describes 3.1 Phillip Lim clothing collection [3]. Lim's 3.1 collection debuted in 2005, and he has quickly distinguished himself as both an editorial and commercial darling [7]). After just three years, the label became available in more than 250 stores in the United States and in 26 countries (bestsellers include a flower-appliqué T-shirt dress and romantic draped and pleated cocktail fare) [7]).

Kid by phillip lim


Designing for a kid is not about a trend or season… it’s just about being a kid.Phillip Lim[8]).

Inspired by his friend and business partner, Wen Zhou, Kid by Phillip debuted for Holiday 2007[8]). On the subsequent season the collection nearly doubled in size and distribution and is continuing to grow. Reinterpreted on a miniature scale, the silhouettes stem from shapes previously seen in his eponymous line, 3.1 Phillip Lim, with each piece working as wardrobe building blocks for the adorably hip mini companion to the 3.1 girl [8]).

When asked about his pint size collection, Lim says, “It was about picking the most charming and cute items, and scaling down. Nothing was skimped on, it’s just as you’d get in the adult version – Italian fabrics, hand embroidery, only smaller. It’s like ‘Mommy & me’ [8]). This kid-friendly selection is as comfortable as it is stylish, but never precious nor ordinary. Continuing the 3.1 Phillip Lim raison d’etre of understated cool and casual imperfection, kid by Philip Lim is about the new modern kid that possesses an air of sophisticated cool while maintaining a sense of humour [8]).

Kid by Phillip Lim is available at 3.1 Phillip Lim flagship stores in New York City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, as well as in select locations worldwide.

Kid by Phillip Lim

Go Green Go by Phillip Lim

Go Green Go Shirt

Phillip Lim’s Go Green Go line is a 10-piece collection of bib-front tanks, pants, and tunic dresses, all created from natural cottons, lined in organic silk and bearing his signature relaxed silhouette [9]. In order to reduce his company’s carbon footprint, Lim emphasizes hand versus machine detailing, washing with tennis balls for a worn look versus using dyes, and other measure [9]s. This all began when while at home in his Manhattan apartment, he caught a National Geographic special on the arctic polar bears and was moved by the sobering documentary he had seen about polar prowlers and the loss of their natural resources in the North Pole [10] He was inspired to start a line of products that would be gentler on the earth and its many precious and irreplaceable resources . In addition to forgoing dye on the sustainable materials, he had each item washed with tennis balls “to beat up fabrics” for a worn-in look [10].

Phillip Lim also instated a company recycling plan for plastic garment bags. When asked about this move, Lim said,” It’s a shame going through 1,000 plastic bags; actually, it’s kind of sickening” therefore Lim also designed a $20 canvas grocery bag (inspired by his personal brown bagging) that reads, “Smile, you have just reduced your carbon footprint” [10]. Remarkably, all of the proceeds go directly to Al Gore’s Climate Project [9].

Phillip Lim Footwear Collection

Phillip Lim Footwear Collection

Designed By = Phillip Lim, Fall 2009 - Present

Collection Types = Ready-to-Wear


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