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Pavon is a New York fashion house founded by Luz Pavon and Victoria Pavon, the brand is recognized for the unique prints and authentic style in their designs.

Best known for their signature item "Ruffle Tube Dress" made in a wide range of colors also named one of the must-have items by [1] The famous design from Pavon has been seen in some of the hottest figures. [2] In an interview one of the designers declared that they are not worried about fashion house copycats. "We have been seeing people copying our dresses a lot, but it doesn’t matter to us because no matter how hard they try, they’ll never be the same as what we’re doing." [3]

The brand is specialized in womenswear but they are now expanding their selection of clothing to a more open market introducing men items. Pavon can be also named as Pavon by luz & victoria or Pavon NYC.


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