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Oroton the brand the story of o. blending contemporary elegance with understated luxury, oroton remains one of the most talked about brands in australian fashion today, complete with innovative collections that are rivalled only by the history of the brand itself. founded in 1938, fashion pioneer boyd lane rapidly established himself at the forefront of his field importing and wholesaling quality textiles from europe, including ladies handbag frames from a supplier in belgium, one of which arrived with a sample material that would eventually play a pivotal part in the future rise of boyd’s company: mesh. from its best-selling french purse model to the ever-popular brush, comb and mirror sets, whatever the season oroton consistently remained a retail phenomenon and became known as the brand with a cult-following. the mesh evening bags were so in-demand the brand was even asked to produce a limited-edition purse especially for the opening of the sydney opera house. not surprisingly, it went on to become a definite “must-have” for women across the nation.


SHOP NEW ARRIVALS > http://www.oroton.com/www/597/1001127/displayproductcategory/1000990.html


WOMAN'S >http://www.oroton.com/www/597/1001127/displayproductcategory/1001232.html

MEN'S >http://www.oroton.com/www/597/1001127/displayproductcategory/1001233.html

APPAREL >http://www.oroton.com/www/597/1001127/displayproductcategory/1002733.html

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LINEGRIE & UNDERWEAR >http://www.oroton.com/www/597/1001127/displayproductcategory/1021670.html

BEAUTY >http://www.oroton.com/beauty/w1/i1001559/



As Creative Director of Oroton, Ana Maria is responsible for the brand direction, product design, visual merchandising and store design for leading international accessories brand, Oroton. Born in Australia and raised in Colombia, South America, Ana Maria’s design career started in Colombia (UPB) where she completed a degree in Industrial Design. In 1998, at 21, she returned to Australia to undertake a second degree in Fashion and Textile Design at The University of Technology, Sydney. Over the next 9 years Ana honed her design skills within the fashion accessories and apparel industry before taking up the position of Head Designer at Oroton in 2007. Her influence and clear vision for the Oroton brand was so strong that in 2008 she was promoted to Creative Director. In this role, Ana has led the repositioning of Oroton as a more fashion conscious and focused accessories leader. She has collaborated with some of the world’s leading supermodels and photographers, broken new ground in product design, developed bespoke pieces for celebrities and Vogue Australia and expanded Oroton’s portfolio into new categories. She also played a pivotal role in preparing the brand for international expansion. Today Oroton has over 50 stores across Australia and New Zealand and most recently has expanded into Asia with boutiques in Singapore and Malaysia.


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