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Ophélie Renouard is the mastermind behind the event she coined as 'Le Bal De La Haute Couture', and has later come to be known as le Bal de Crillon. She is mentioned here because of her creation of this fashion event.

She is a PR person, essentially focused on reputation management and promotion as well as organizing media events for company promotions. Currently(2011) Her company 'ORCommunications' [1] offers its services to various persons in order to promote businesses, family names, and or social status.

She claims connection to a massive aray of media outlets, allowing her to publish whatever she wants to say about the events she is behind.

It is on her commercial site that it is finally publicized what critics have been saying all along about the 'le bal de Crillon'. That it is a staged event, utilizing a mix of personalities, products, and places to create a mutually beneficial promotion in the eyes of the world media.

Her creation, 'Le Bal' is brilliant in promoting international jewelers, hotels, merchandise, and fashion. But also couples with the promotion of reputations of many of the so-called 'honored guests'. As it attempts to match celebutante names that are like catchwords in the international social world. E.g. Lauren Bush, the granddaughter and niece of US presidents by the same name, yet she herself, and her father Neal Bush had no real claim to fame themselves. Indeed, a historical review of turbulent Neal Bush history reveals the rationale behind their motives for association with upscale events. Another example would be the granddaughter of Stanley Ho. Ho's total wealth reflects images of luxury, influence. His grandaughter Ariel Kjear is remotely removed from that yet her connection was capitalized on in order to elevate the 'wealth image' of the event for the advertising benefit of the commercial sponsors, while also benefitting the Ho family by 'socially laundering' their names to an elevated status in hopes that no one may notice the sirdid history of Mr. Ho, his family, their connections to Triad, and how he self-admittedly made his initial fortune in his biography. All of which are public knowledge and easily available to find on public media. Indeed, the list of debutantes includes the amazing list of names and titles that are never fact checked. Once fact checked, the truth is fascinating about the power of media and PR promotion. Mrs. Renouard clearly understands this connection. Summed up, the list of girls consist of three types: Hasbeens (formerly famous trying to salvage their repuations); Hasbeens(Formerly famous that want to elevate the reputations of their children); and wannabees (paying to participate in order to be associated with higher statused individuals).

Elsewhere in these pages it is noted that she has had difficulty in terms of her use of the protected status of Haute Couture. He website for le bal [2] has been previously edited to remove infringement on the term. Yet in its 2011 version, it has been re-edited to claim that all participants in le bal de Crillon 2011 will be wearing Haute Couture. This leaves us with the enticing news that the Crillon Ball may actually be revived to occur in November 2011, that she has finally recieved permission from the Chambre Syndical de La Haute Couture to use the term, and also that she may finally get all of the girls into true Haute Couture gowns.

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