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Nookie Since Nookie’s inception in 2003, the boutique label has built a solid reputation & fan base worldwide, offering its customers fashionable and flattering fits at accessible prices. Nookie’s success has seen the brand defined into two areas: the Nookie boutique label and Nookie Beach launched in 2006 focusing on swim and beachwear. Supported by some of Australia’s leading boutiques, Nookie and Nookie Beach are stocked in over 180 stores nationally and sold in the US as a successful Australian export to boutiques in Miami, New York and LA.

Designer/director Nikita Sernack’s strong design principle underlies each collection and resonates confidence through her stylishly sexy and edgy designs.

Sernack is dedicated to Australian industry backing the quality of Australian manufacturing with confidence. She produces both Nookie and Nookie Beach lines solely on home soil.

Achieving an enviable amount of press, Nookie is regularly sought after by fashion editors from top selling young women’s magazines around the globe, contributing to a highly successful online trade.

Nookie is due to open its first boutique in September 2010.



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