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In the beginning there was Marilyn Monroe, Bo Derek and Eddie Sedgwick. Blonde bombshells of the silver screen with their names immortalised in neon lights. Fiercely independent, self-assured and always the centre of attention, these ladies coined the term ‘Blondes have more fun’, and generated a cult following of contemporary disciples like Pixie Geldoff, Poppy Delevigne and the Olsen Twins.
Since hitting the market in 2007 as a denim brand, Neon Blonde has evolved into a fully coveted fashion label. Sourcing denims and fabrications from around the globe, every style is thoroughly considered with a keen focus on detailed, quality product.
Neon Blonde’s aesthetic toes the line between edgy, sexy and cool. Informed by street culture, the Neon Blonde design process comes full circle: ideas are informed through endless hours of people watching at festivals, markets and the backstreets of cityscapes. Neon Blonde creates clothes for this self-assured tribe who are forever pushing the limits and take pride in their point of difference, echoing the free spirit and unique style sensibilities of the Brazen.


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