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Driven, ambitious, unpredictable and detailed, Nina Karina Nikicio has brought her last name into a brand that has been notable for the expressive, quirky and original designs. Nikicio has won an incredible range of acknowledgements that includes;

  • Finalist of young Singapore Designer of the Year (08)
  • Most Watched Designer of the Year by Elle Magazine Indonesia (09)
  • Best Fashion Business Student of the Year by Lasalle International College Indonesia (09)
  • Best Asian Designer of the Year by Tongue In Chic (09)
  • Best Young Indonesian Designer of the Year by Elle Magazine Indonesia (10)
  • and recently, The Fashion Machine by Rolling Stones Indonesia.

Nikicio conceives pieces that contradict the mainstream: outlasting trends, seasons, and gender. Each piece is personal, wearable yet practical with a perfect dose of whim and humor. This is mostly apparent in every collection of Nikicio, where classic cuts infused with high end constructions are happily substantial.

“ i want to challenge the notation of a fashion world. no trends. no seasons. no fads. my clothes have to be able to be worn & last forever.”

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