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My Branded Unbranded
My branded unbranded.jpg
Name My Branded Unbranded
Created 2009
Author Valonia Irene
Origin Indonesia
Style Fashion, Style

My Branded Unbranded is a fashion daily blog founded by a young lady from Indonesia named Valonia Irene in 2009. She named it My Branded Unbranded because she wants to prove the world that fashion shouldn't be only related with famous brand. According to her, if someone could make an unbranded thing looks branded, fabulous, and totally get the look, that's what she called "fashion". So, here she is, posted her daily look on mostly unbranded things that she took on some spot, sometimes in her house and sometimes in the place or an event she attended, by her Nikon D3000 dslr camera.

"What's unbranded, I make them have no different with what's branded" that's a quote that she write in her blog profile, clear enough to show her fashion style. In My Branded Unbranded, you could also find quote or sometimes her love-life story, friendship story, or even her school-life. She represent comments in her blog by the word "happyness", because for her, every single comment from each blog walker that visit her blog, is as precious as louboutin newest pair of shoes, and it really is make her feel happy. This young lady also own her blog-base-clothing line named VASH. visit it here

"I don't wanna follow the latest trend or those all "what's hot" thingy , cause I'd rather declare my self as my own trendsetter" find more about My Branded Unbranded by visit this blog here

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