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Monochrome Factory
Name Monochrome Factory
Created 2009
Author Jenny
Origin Australia
Style Fashion,style

Monochrome Factory is the love child of Jenny Tran, a twenty three year old living in Melbourne, Australia.

Jenny is an arts/law student, a fashion retail sales assistant, a freelance stylist and freelance photographer. Her blog is a jumbled collective of personal style, fashion inspiration, street style, friends and photography.

The aim of the blog is interact with like-minded people who view fashion and life similarly.

The personal style contained in the blog embodies a mix of classic and statement wardrobe pieces drawn from a wide range of designer pieces, through to vintage treasures. Favourite pieces often featured on the blog include those by Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga and Country Road.

The blog was named “Monochrome Factory” after an amused observation by a friend that the author has an undeniable (and very Melbournian) preference for dressing in black and white, and all shades of grey in between. Although the blog has moved away from its original monochromatic emphasis, it can still be seen that the Jenny retains a preference for neutral and subtle tones.

The focus of the blog is the celebration of classic aesthetics in fashion, with clean and simple lines by use of quality, natural fabrics. Monochrome factory aims to demonstrate that fashionability need not come with a price tag, nor should it be disposable and outdate as quickly as the seasons.

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