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Missing Bee
Bella Francisca.jpg
Name Missing Bee
Created 2009
Author Bella Francisca
Origin Indonesia
Style Fashion, Inspiration
Website http://missingbee.blogspot.com
Twitter http://twitter.com/bellafrancisca


Missing Bee is a fashion blog from Indonesia created by Bella Francisca in 2009. Bella (17) is a college student that take Fashion Marketing and Merchandising as her major studies. She have a big passion for fashion, she loves to dress up, styling, taking pictures, etc. Bella would define her style as fierce, edgy, bold, and simple. She loves black cloth and clean-cut design. Missing Bee is not only about fashion blog, but also becomes Bella's virtual diary life. Find Bella on Twitter, Blog, and Instagram!

Bella's picture on blog mostly captured by her friends, families, or by self-timer (tripod). She's using Canon DSLR 600D with two types of different lens. She loves to editing her photos with Photoscape and Adobe Photoshop program.

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