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Make-Up Art Cosmetics, known better by the iconic label MAC Cosmetics, is a manufacturer and retailer of cosmetics.


MAC Cosmetics was started in Toronto, Canada in 1984 as Make-up Art Cosmetics by locals Frank Toskan


MAC Pro Membership Program

The MAC Professional program is a discount program with an annual fee available to Makeup Artists, Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Hairstylists, Fashion Stylists, Nail Technicians, Costume Designers, Models, On-Air Talent/Performers, and Photographers. Membership costs vary worldwide, as do the discounts. For USA Makeup Artists are awarded a 40% discount, all other eligible members are awarded a 30% discount. In Australia the discount is 30% across all eligible members. International visitors who hold a MAC Pro membership may or may not be allowed discounts in countries other than their own, and depending on country be allowed different discounts[citation needed].

MAC Pro Products

MAC Pro products are a range of products developed specially for industry professionals. They are designed to hold up to the rigor of professional use. MAC Pro products differ from regular MAC cosmetics with enhanced versatility, more pigmentation, as well as different finishes, shades and formulations. These allow the makeup professional to mix and suit products more to their individual needs.


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