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Lumete Eyewear
Founded 2009
Founder(s) Clara Herrera (Designer) & Barbara Warren (CEO)
Headquarters New York, USA


Based in New York, Lumete is an independent luxury sunglasses brand for women, by women. Lumete's debut collection of handmade sunglasses combines sculptural detail, symbolic ornamentation and ultrafemininity.

Founders Clara Herrera and Barbara Warren launched Lumete in July 2010 as a refreshing independent alternative in a market where fashion brands license out their eyewear lines to optical conglomerates. The difference shows in the uniqueness of Lumete designs, the comfortable fitting, and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship.

The name “Lumete” (prounounced "lou-met") is derived from the words lumen and amulet. The Renaissance alchemical concept of Lumen Naturae refers to the light hidden in all matter, which alchemists believed could be released and transformed through their work. An amulet is an object used for protection and luck. Sunglasses are beautiful amulets that adorn your face, protect your eyes, and help you see clearly. Metaphorically, they connect your inner vision and your perception of the world. The brand and the collection are inspired by alchemical and Gnostic symbolism, and Lumete seeks to instill that sense of wonder and reverence to every piece they make.

Sunglasses Collection

Featuring fine-quality zyl acetate in richly hued patterns and layers, Swarovski crystals, custom hardware, detailed painting,intricate etching and scratch resistant CR39 lenses, the collection includes five styles in four colorways each. Each pair of Lumete sunglasses comes stunningly packaged in a satin drawstring “Lumete treasure bag” that includes a signature hard case and a soft pouch, as well as the Lumete locket (a clever eyewear-holding necklace).

The five styles in Lumete's debut collection symbolize the various stages of a journey toward illumination:

Attic Safari stands for curiosity and discovery. It seeks to invoke the feeling of entering a dusty attic and marveling at the forgotten heirlooms and memory-steeped artifacts therein.

Dramolete was inspired by the image of a sun-drunk butterfly fluttering into wakefulness. It represents the moment when inspiration becomes action.

Oummaa symbolizes the swirling of the individual imagination with the creative force.

Wanderling embodies the experience of the journey itself, as the explorer or mystic searches earth and sky in the quest for knowledge.

Ulula represents self-knowledge. Inspired by the bird of wisdom, the frame evokes an owl on her throne, contemplating the world.

Lumete Gallery

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