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Lover is an Australian fashion label launched in 2001 by designers Susien Chong and Nic Briand. Lover have "managed to garner praise from Vogue to Vice Magazine". The label has risen to prominence in Australia and internationally, developing a cult and celebrity following. Lover's look embodies "romance, drama and a touch of rock'n'roll swagger".

Lover began as a Bondi Markets stall during the weekends in 2001. Susien Chong's "vintage style" clothing attracted many customers inclucing actress Claire Daines who purchased two of the emerging label's polka-dot blouses on a trip to Sydney. Three months after the stalls inception boutiques began requesting Lover stock.

Lover's collections all draw upon various inspirations from the worlds of art, music, film and pop culture. Each collection, according to Nic Briand, "has a narrative and central character".Constant influences on the duo include Jean Luc Godard, early Woody Allen films, Black Flag, Marianne Faithfull. Nick Briand's influences tend to be "heavier" such as the Wu Tang Clan, comic books and Jimi Hendrix, whereas Susien Chong's are "softer" elements such as Picnic at Hanging Rock, ballet and Roberta Flack.

Rather than using the traditional print catalogues Lover have used online look books and short films or video installations to display their wares. In a 2002 display at the Corner Shop in Paddington, a video installation titled Rosemary represented the collection. "Its about a girl who has a crush on a boy at a party... she's wandering around the house looking beautiful in Lover clothes" - Susien Chong. In 2007 Lover revisited the medium of film to make Waiting For Mick which depicted the mood and clothing of their Altamont collection.



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