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Lizzie Diana's is an online store that sells handmade, re-purposed, and thrifted fashions and was founded in 2012 by Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Kelly Diana (Diana). Together the girls scour craft stores and Goodwills to find the materials used to make their unique, affordable, and vintage-styled clothing and jewelry.

After meeting in marching band their freshman year, the girls became inseparable, bonding over their band nerdiness and sleepovers. They are the best of friends and share a love of music, fashion, and shopping. Oftentimes they can be found with their sock monkey-loving friend, Rebecca, eating Sonic WackyPack meals, or doing photo shoots for their blog.

Now that they have graduated from high school, they both plan to pursue degrees in the field of design; Elizabeth will major in Interior Design, and Kelly Diana plans to study Visual Communications.


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