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IMG 6754.jpg
Name likeafox
Created on a whim
Author Molly
Origin Australia
Style Fashion, style, photography


A 20-something Adelaide native, Molly is consumed by her obsession with fashion, travel and rock and roll. Never without a chunky pair of biker boots on her feet (even in the infamous Adelaide summer), she is the love child of 70s rock, 80s punk and 90s grunge. Her ultimate idol is Coco Chanel but she steals her style from the likes of Erin Wasson, Jimi Hendrix, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Kurt Cobain. She spends her days, months and years taking photos of anything and everything, having overseas adventures, listening to The Clash and Led Zeppelin and searching for vintage rock tees to add to her never-ending collection whilst documenting it all on her fashion blog LIKE A FOX.


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