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'Melbourne designer Phil Thompson is a hunter and a collector.'
Obsessed with the detail of vintage items, his collection of oddities has turned into a 3D inspiration board. Phil takes his love of old school intricacies and sews them together with modern materials. He has re-envisioned the classic.
After hunting with the big game animals at Lee and Wrangler, Thompson left his job as head designer to bag his own catch. It was time to discover his own unique species. Now was the time for adventure.
Drawing on his past experience in the heritage brand world, Thompson has morphed the classic into the contemporary. His jeans are new age vintage, paying attention to the smallest quirks of stitching and washes while lending themselves to yesteryear. When examined underneath a microscope, every pair of Kroam jeans becomes it’s own unique specimen.
Beetles have the same detail and intricacy that Thompson seeks from his vintage items. Both are collectable and completely irreplaceable. The closer you cast your gaze, the more striking they become: opal reflecting shells, tiny whirring mechanical legs, and eyes that see the world in detail a thousand times more than you.
This is what he wanted out of a denim brand: the same effortless beauty and attention to detail that comes from the humble beetle. To be a Kroam wearer is to be a collector of fashion: you become your own unique specimen.


Winter 2011 Northern Exposure


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