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Kitten D'Amour designs and manufactures women’s wear, accessories and lingerie in Brisbane, Australia.

They currently have two boutiques; one is located in Adelaide St Brisbane, the other is located at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast.

Kitten D'Amour prides itself on attention to detail. From the way their products are designed and manufactured to the service they provide customers who visit their boutiques or online store.

Kitten D'Amour only manufactures a small quantity of each design to keep each style unique. The brand does their best to make each style as beautiful and feminine as possible with motifs, lace and rosettes used to highlight the various fabrics they use.

The Kitten Mission

Our mission is to design and manufacture the most beautiful, unique and feminine garments of the highest quality. To build equity in our brands and to be successful in everything we do. To create the most wonderful shopping experience for each and every customer who visits one of our boutiques or our Web Site. To provide outstanding customer service and to make sure that each and every customer looks and feels amazing with every purchase they make.

Store Photos

Kitten D'Amour are famous for their incredibly decadent, french-inspired store designs and equally chic sales assistants.

Doll House Collection

5th Avenue

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