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Karl Lagerfeld
Born 1933
Hamburg, Germany
Occupation Designer of Chanel
Karl Lagerfeld is the Godfather of fashion, who's always making a statement with his gray, trademark ponytail; dark glasses, and usually a Coca-Cola bottle in his hand. And his lifestyle-personality is as versatile as his signature look - for not only does Lagerfeld own houses in four major hot-spots in the world (Monte Carlo, Hamburg, Brittany & Paris), but he also reads daily newspapers in four different languages, and has a music collection encompassing, everything from rock to classical. So, how did one of the biggest fashion legends come about?

Apparently, Lagerfeld's metamorphosis was sparked early on, when his wealthy parents who raised him in a German castle, allowed him to explore anything that appealed to him. Karl was particularly drawn to sketching, photography, painting - but at the age of 16, after placing second in the Parisian design competition 'Wool Secretariat', it was his love of fashion that overtook. Which then led Lagerfeld, to become Pierre Balmain's design assistant; a man who would later put Karl's prize-winning coat, into production.

In 1964, after some years of practice under his belt, Karl became a freelance designer - as well as the principal designer in the Chloe House. And Max Mara, Valentino and Fendi were just some of the fashion houses, for which he collaborated. Out of the above mentioned, Fendi would gain him much acclaim...after all, he had been innovative enough to produce Fendi-furs, in fun colorways!

Then, in 1983, Karl would gain his most renowned role of today - that is, with the Parisian couture house: Chanel, where he began as a consultant. In Chanel, Karl revived the brand for the new generation, particularly with his shorter skirts, and more chain details.

Presently, Karl also contributes with his own 'ready-to-wear' line; some Chloe and Fendi collaborations, but also some out-of-the-box endeavors. For example, in 2011, he not only directed some Tribeca festival ice cream advertisements featuring Rachel Bilson, but also designed some limited edition Diet Coke bottles!

"The Things you hate one day, you are likely to love another." -Karl L


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