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Kabiri[1] is London’s leading multi retailer of luxury fashion jewellery. From costume through to fine jewellery, Nathalie Kabiri sources international design talent and introduces them to the UK market first.

Launched in June 2004 by Nathalie Kabiri, who remains at the helm, Kabiri aims to bring previously unseen jewellery designers[2] to London and share their wonderful jewellery collections with Kabiri's clientele. Kabiri's reputation amongst designers, many of whom choose to remain exclusive to Kabiri, has enabled the brand to extend their reach to other hand-picked venues. In addition to the original Marylebone jewellery store Kabiri have also unveiled a concession in Selfridges, Oxford Street and, most recently in 2008, a flagship store[3] in the heart of Covent Garden. Kabiri has also bounded onto the runway of digital chic with its newly redesigned online jewellery store, modestly conveying its eclectic and unusual style while continuing to expose the exclusive collections of new designers to a wider audience of astute jewellery customers.

Nathalie's eye is rarely off the mark, the designer roster changes from month to month, keeping a steady but sparkling constant and ensuring that Kabiri's designers are always kept fresh. If, however, a collection becomes too widely available in other shops then Kabiri stop selling it – as it is important for their customer who values the rarity of many of the unique jewellery collections that they maintain their exclusivity.

The Kabiri ethos is one of originality, inspiration, and, above all, an unrivalled quality of choice.

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