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Jen Brill
Jen Brill profile.jpg
Born ?
New York
Occupation stylist agent and photo agent


Jen Brill is a model and photo agent, [1] who grew up on the upper east side of Manhattan [2] and attended Dwight (which is featured on BRAVO'S NYC Prep). [3] She co-curated a group show in 2008 at french store Colette with Aaron Bondaroff. [4]

The Chinese-Australian has quickly become an New York "it" girl, after being linked to photographer Terry Richardson. [5][6] She is known for her luscious brown locks and trademark red lips, which she achieves by wearing Chanel's Rouge Allure in Dragon. [7]

Jen Brill has previously appeared as a model in Sophomore campaign. [8] She also works as the Director of New Business Development at top tier marketing firm, Fred & Associates. [9] Jen previously worked as the events and publicity director at the Maritime Hotel in New York. [10][11]

Jen now works as an agent at Total Management in New York, where she represents young photographers like Theo Wenner, Max Farago and stylist Mel Ottenberg.[12]



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