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Ildiko gal
Founded 2010
Founder(s) Ildikó Gál
Headquarters USA

Built for a discriminating consumer by the world’s finest shoe artisans, Ildikó Gál represents the very best in bespoke footwear. The first collection of handmade dress shoes, all constructed by third generation Hungarian shoemakers, debuts in America in 2010.

Named for the company’s creative director, Ildikó Gál is an emerging lifestyle brand that merges modern technology with Old World craftsmanship to produce luxurious products of unsurpassed quality. Hungarian shoe artisans have perfected their craft over hundreds of years. Now, Ildikó Gál marries that magnificent tradition with the discerning taste of a modern, 21st century world.

Constructing a perfect shoe for that special consumer starts with a state-of-the-art scanner which measures each foot from all angles. The foot scan data is instantly transmitted to our last makers, who create lasts that reflect the customer's unique feet. Once scanned, the customer would only need to be rescanned every 5 years or if there is a major life change. His data remains in our system so that custom lasts can be made for any future style he chooses.

The shoe design is then executed completely by hand using traditional methods and the finest skins. Each pair of handmade bespoke shoes is delivered with custom made shoe trees, silk shoe bags and placed in a custom fitted wooden box. Customers also receive a shoe care kit containing polish specifically formulated for his shoe, a stiff bristle brush for cleaning, a small horse hair brush designed for applying polish, a larger horsehair brush for buffing the polish and a shoehorn.

A mere six weeks after placing an order, the customer receives his signature Ildikó Gál handmade shoes. All finished footwear is stamped with the artisan’s signature and each pair is unique to the customer, a true work of art.

The Andorra is made from Stingray
Milano is from the Italian ready-to-wear collection


Ildiko Gal was featured on Luxist for their exotic skins.

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