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iClothing is iPad compatible clothing. The iDress & iTee feature a reinforced padded pouch (marsupial)|pouch] to store the iPad in. It provides an easy way to store your iPad on the go[1]. Davina Reichman, serial fashion entrepreneur, founded the company in 2010 and is the Managing Director. Michael Reichman, who is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics & Mechanical) and a Bachelor of Commerce at University of New South Wales, is the CEO.


Ms Reichman was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal[2] "wearing her own twist on the traditional little black dress, the “iDress”, which has a reinforced pouch in the front to carry the iPad. “It was inspired by the pouches on kangaroos and koalas,” she said. “Pretty appropriate here in Australia.”". Gizmodo ran the headline "Give Yourself Rock Hard Abs Of iPad With iClothing" [3]. iClothing featured in articles including CNN[4] and Blogcritics[5]. News Limited created a video about iPad fashion and interviewed Ms Reichman[6] The Fashion Source reported that "Reichman became well known earlier this year after organising the Being Born Again Couture Fashion Show where she paired up well known artists with well known designers." Ms Reichman said of iClothing "I wanted to find a way to solve the problem of having an iPad with nowhere to put it"[7]. The Sydney Morning Herald "heralded [iClothing] as the world's first iPad compatible clothes"[8] while other publications followed suit including Digital Journal[9], Computerworld[10], Trendhunter Magazine[11], TUAW [12], Fashionunited.co.uk[13], iPhoneLife[14] and PopSci[15]. 360Fashion produced a promotional video of Ms Reichman in the iDress [16]


Unisex iTee available in all sizes in white and black. The protective front pouch stores and carries your iPad with you on the move. Made from 100% cotton jersey, the simple tee has never been so technologically compatible[17].


The iDress is a black, above the knee, short sleeved dress with a built in protected pouch to carry and store your iPad without hindering your movement or style. It is constructed out of durable cotton sateen[18]. “The iDress positions itself as kind of a chic, kangaroo iPad pouch, a cute to-the-knee number in black cotton sateen, perfect for when it comes time to put down your mouse and pick up a glass of prosecco", says Cult_of_Mac[19].

Exploration Plans

iClothing is exploring plans to place electroluminescent lights in their clothes, giving iPad compatible clothing a glow and will introduce heat-sensitive prints.

Australian Television

Seven Network and Nine Network covered the iPad launch, in connection iClothing. Jamie Malcolm interviewed Ms Reichman on Mornings with Kerri-Anne. Seven Network's the Sunrise Program (TV_program)|Sunrise Program technology reporter Seamus Byrne covered the Australian iPad launch, wearing an iTee from iClothing[20].


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