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Red lipstick is a universal color. It's a classic shade and can be worn from season to season. [1] Although the shade is often used throughout magazine editorials, many women assume that they are unable to wear red lips.[2] This is a common misconception, everyone can find the perfect red lipstick to suit them. [3]

Red is thought of as a strong, powerful color that is both seductive and glamorous. The red lip is synonymous with the femme fatale look. [4] Lipsticks with a blue tone will act to "whiten" your teeth. Pink-based colors will enhance any stains that you might have.[5]

It is often thought that red lipstick should be kept for special occasions or for night time. However red lips can be worn at any time, with a little alteration to application and color. [6]

Red lipstick is best worn with minimal makeup throughout the day with a touch of eyeliner at night to make the look more glamorous. [7]

You will need

  • The perfect red lipstick for your skin color.
  • A tissue for blotting any excess lipstick.
  • A lip brush.
  • A lipliner.
  • A lip balm for moisturizing your lips. [8]


Choosing the perfect red lipstick

It is important to determine the right shade that will work with your features and coloring. A simple rule of thumb for choosing a red is the paler your skin tone the more clear or yellow based the red lipstick should be. For darker skin tones you should choose more deep pink-based colors.

Prep your lips

It is really important to make sure that you have correctly prepped your lips before applying a bright color. To do this make sure that your lips are moisturized to ensure that the color doesn't seep into any lines. To remove any flaky skin, place a small amount of vaseline on your lips and lightly brush with a clean toothbrush. Alternatively apply chapstick and let it sit for 5 minutes before applying your lipstick. [15]

Apply primer and foundation

Apply a light layer of primer and foundation to your lips. This will make sure that the color stays put and will not seep into any lines. [16]

Apply lipliner

Choose a lipliner that is close to your natural lip color. Apply the liner to your lip line.[17] This will help to keep the color in place. To make the color more dramatic, "color in" your lips with a liner that matches your lipstick. [18]

Applying the lipstick

It is best to apply matte or semi-matte formulas with a lip brush to give better precision. [19] Apply one coat of lipstick with a lip brush and blot any excess with a tissue. Leave as is, or apply a clear gloss for a patent effect. [20]

For more of a stained effect, pat the lipstick onto your finger and apply. You can also choose to mix the lipstick with a small amount of vaseline to create your own gloss. [21]

The rest of your face

Red lipstick will make a strong statement on its own. Keep the makeup on the rest of your face minimal. To add more glamour, line your upper lash line. Then apply mascara [22], for blondes and redheads use a brown based color and for brunettes use black. [23][24]


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