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Whether you own a blog or admire one, Wikifashion would love you to create a page for it. Follow this simple guide:

Search for the blog that you would like to create a page for by typing its name into the search box, located in the left toolbar. If the blog does not already exist, there will be an orange link to create a page. Click this link and use the following as a guide to creating a page:

  • Writing Style

When writing your page please write in third person and do not include excessive links, images, symbols or email addresses. This is intended to be a simple and easy to read summary of your blog, not a personal profile page.

Please do not include your email address as this will be picked up by spam bots. If people love your page, they are free to hop on over to your blog and contact you.

  • Template

Copy and paste this template into your page:

| name    = Blog name
| created = ?
| author  = Blogger name
| origin  = New York
| style   = Fashion,inspiration,makeup
| image   = [[file:example.jpg|frameless|center|250px]]
| website =
| twitter = twitter profile address
| facebook= facebook page address

Within your template, please enter the name of the blog, when it was created, its author, origin, style, an image and the url.

When editing the page, fill in the relevant details above. In order to include an image in the template, you must login and press upload file located on the left toolbar. Select the file you want to upload and include a reference in the box below the selected file. Once the file has been uploaded, copy the image and paste into this section of the template:
 [[image:PASTE YOUR IMAGE HERE|thumb|250px]] 
  • Headings
Once your template is filled in at the top of the page, you can start to create page sections. It is recommended that you include an about heading, to include one copy the following and enter it below your template:

In order to create another heading simply use the same markup as above:


To create subheadings, copy the following onto your page;


When creating headings and subheadings, a table of contents will automatically appear at the top of your page.

There are also options that appear in your editing toolbox for bolding and italicising words.

  • Category

It is very important that a category is included at the bottom of the page. Simply copy the following and paste at the bottom of your page.


This will ensure that your blog can be found amongst the other blogs on Wikifashion.

You might also want to create a category for the origin of your blog. For example if you are an Australian blogger, simply add this category as well:

 [[Category:Blogs of Australia]] 
  • The Fashion Spot or Vogue forum members

If you are a member of The Fashion Spot or the Vogue forums, please add either of the below categories to your page:

 [[Category:The Fashion Spot blogs]] 
 [[Category:Vogue Forum Australia blogs]] 

If you need some inspiration or ideas about what to include in your blog page, here are some blogs already on Wikifashion.

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