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Garance Dore
Garance dore.png
Name Garance Dore
Created 2006
Author Garance Dore
Origin France
Style street style, fashion, inspiration



Garance began her blog in June 2006, while she was living in Marseille. [1] She began as an illustrator, and became frustrated with the commissions she had, and in particular by the lack of contact with the readers. The blog allowed Garance a complete freedom of expression, while sharing the vignettes of her day and exploring fashion, illustration, narration and photography. [2]

She wanted to do something more free and spontaneous, so she started publishing a few drawings and began adding little texts.

Recently she has added some pictures on her blog. She shoots them in the street or around the shows during fashion weeks. It is a way for her to further express what she likes in fashion.

Garance currently gets approximately 70,000 hits per day on her site.[3] [4] Some of her posts have been known to generate a few hundred comments each and an anonymous French fashion editor quipped that "Garance is our daily bread". [5] She has also worked for French Vogue and consults for companies. [6]

Personal Life

Garance Dore is currently dating Scott Schuman of the famed street style blog The Sartorialist. [7]

Garance's mother also enjoyed fashion was an emigrant from the North of Africa, who during the 70s and 80s was very stylish. She wore Thierry Mugler. [8]

Through Garance's blog she has worked with several companies and designers. Most notably for The Gap, who she created illustrated t-shirts which were limited to only 69 of each kind and sold in London's Carnaby Street. [9]

Westfield Illustrations

She is also to complete a set of illustrations of fashion designers for Westfield while in Australia for RAFW. [10] The exhibition will be the first Australian event held for Garance Dore. [11] Garance will complete illustrations for Australian fashion labels Zimmermann, Gorman, Thurley, Bettina Liano, Country Road, Arthur Galan and Leona Edminston. [12] Garance Dore will be joined by her boyfriend Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist for the launch party of her illustrations for Westfield.[13][14]

The exhibition will be on display from the 28th of April to the 3rd of May at Westfield Bondi Junction and Doncaster stores. [15][16]

Garance Dore's favourite author is Francoise Sagan. [18]

Television Show

It has been confirmed that Scott Schuman will appear in a reality based television show with girlfriend and fellow blogger Garance Dore. Garance has said that the show will be based on how they perceive the world. Of course the show will also be fashion-oriented. Garance went on to say that her dream project is to complete a movie. [19]


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