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Garage Gypsy
Founded 2009
Founder(s) Natasha Kutrovacz
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, United States
Industry Jewelry/Fashion Retail
Designer, Natasha Kutrovacz
Spring 2011
Label Garage Gypsy
Year 2011
Inspiration The S/S 2011 "Palm Springs" Collection is all about those Southwest roots, embellishing geometry, and a raw natural edge. What makes this collection unique and extremely fun, is that it can just about, play up any look or style.


Garage Gypsy is small boutique jewelry line that rests between cutting-edge fashion trends and natural elegance. More than just a label or a brand, Garage Gypsy is about who you are as a person, its a motto, a lifestyle. Its having the guts to be who you are and to go after what you want. Its about having a dream, whether you chose to make it a reality or not. Its about the details, the small things. Its about being happy and having fun. It means keeping your heart soft and your soul young. Its playing on the swing set, laying in a hammock, running through the sprinkler, reading a good book, playing dress up.

Each piece is individually designed and then crafted by hand. Allowing attention to every fine detail, whether its intended or not. Because we as people are always evolving, as fashion, you will never see too much of the same thing. Garage Gypsy, while keeping her style, prefers to be on the cutting edge of what is new to come. [1]




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