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Felicity Jones
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Born 17 October 1983
Occupation Actress


Felicity Jones is a British actress[1], most recently known for her work in the movie "Like Crazy".[2] She took the role after turning down the role of Snow White opposite Julia Roberts in Mirror, Mirror.[3][4]

Felicity also stars in Chalet Girl, Hysteria and Page 8 alongside Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz.[5]

For her role in Like Crazy, costume designer Maira Chisholm, worked with Jones' style to emulate the innocence of love. The character's early years included details like a twisted necklace chain and holes in a worn-out field jacket.[6] As she matures her wardrobe becomes more structured and put together. Due to the small budget on the film, Felicity tended to her own hair and makeup. The evening before a wedding scene was shot, Felicity spent hours scouring pharmacies in Los Angeles to find the perfect nail varnish, OPI Baby Blue.[7] She brought pieces from her own wardrobe as well as selecting garments from Primark, Zara and Warehouse. The budget put aside for her wardrobe was a mere $600. She even used a pair of red-soled shoes as Christian Louboutin look a likes.

Felicity went on to win the Breakthrough Actor Award from Gotham Independent Film, as well as being named the face of Dolce and Gabbana beauty.[8][9][10] The actress also appears in the Spring 2012 campaign. The designers cast her to play the character of an “aristocratic sauvage girl”.

She has also appeared in the Fall 2011 campaign for Burberry.[11][12][13] Standing at only 5'3", Felicity was required to stand on top of a box while the campaign was shot.

Following her Dolce and Gabbana campaign, Felicity will also be the face of the forthcoming Kohl Spring makeup collection, to be launched in January 2012.

Her red carpet designers have included Proenza Schouler[14], Dolce and Gabbana,[15] Chloé and Valentino. Felicity has said that she enjoys the theatricalness of fashion and believes that it is to be enjoyed.[16] In every day life the star prefers APC, Isabel Marant and Zara.[17]

The actress grew up reading fashion magazines like The Face and obsessing over British supermodel, Kate Moss.



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