Fêtes vos yeux

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Fêtes vos yeux
Name Fêtes vos yeux
Created July 2011
Author Laura Van Haesendonck
Origin Belgium
Style Fashion,inspiration
Website http://www.fetesvosyeux.com

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About the blog

Fêtes vos yeux was created back in July 2011 and is written by Laura. Laura had the urge to do something with her passion for fashion and all things beautiful for a long time. As the landscape of bloggers grew, the idea of creating a blog popped up more in that chaotic head of hers. When her father got sick, she needed to have a distraction and this is how Fête vos yeux existed.

The writer herself

Laura was born on the 2th of October 1989. She is currently living in the capital of Belgium and Europe, Brussels, together with her mother and two cats. When she's not at home you can find her in Ghent, where she studies psychology and shares a fabulous appartment with friends. Laura has been in a relationship with her boyfriend since forever. He is the helping hand behind Fête vos yeux, taking outfit pictures.In the weekend, she works at le fabuleux marcel de bruxelles (a cool clothing brand).

Blog inspiration

Her inspiration mainly comes from her thoughts (and yes she has many), her own experiences and things she likes (from street art, to the art of writing beautiful things).

Style description

During here life, Laura had lots of different styles. Since her blog her style and what she loves is growing more in one direction. Laura likes colors like grey, black, white and burgundy. All stuff minimalistic with a rock and roll edge to it are very much appreciated as well.

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