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Author Catherine Au Jong was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on December 24, 1991. Currently she is studying accounting and Management Information System in University of Northern Iowa.She is very strong about her dream of future in fashion industry, even though she is a business student.

Etinology: Her Blog Catherine has changed her blog name several times and she also began blogging without any fashion attributes. She has several nicknames: Jong, Etina, Etin, Etinatoon, Cathy, and many more. But her given nickname is Etin, so she named her blog Etinology (as a book wannabe)

She believes she is not an expert in fashion and she does not go on magazines or any fashion sources, but one thing she knows for sure that she is passionate about it. "Fashion is not about how talented, how good, how expensive, how you capable of doing it and having it, or also not only about mood.. I think it is about practice, the more you observe and the more you do it, the greater you love it".

Besides fashion she is also passionate about photography, because she always want to express words with pictures and she wants it to be emotional. Catherine loves smiling and laughing pictures the best.

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