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In 1984 when Donna Karan launched her company[1], her aim was to design clothes for comfort and to liberate women from the confines of the 80s power suit.[2] She became well known within the fashion industry during the 1980s for her invention of "the body" a body sculpting top that aimed to give a smooth silhouette.[3]

Donna credits the success of her company to her feminine instincts that she incorporates into her designs.[4] Her brand ethos was that if she needed a certain wrap dress, top or suit- other women would need those pieces also, so she designed her collections accordingly. Her brand encompasses fourteen lines including fragrance, body care, accessories, lingerie, mens, womens and childrenswear.[5]

In April 2001, after five years of being a publicly traded comapany[6], Donna sold her company to LVMH for approximately $250 million in cash.[7] Stephen Weiss her late husband co-founded the company after Donna Karan departed from Anne Klein.[8]


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