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Davina Reichman
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Occupation Founder and Managing Director of iClothing and Being Born Again Couture and fashion designer for "D&Em by Davina" which is sold in New York City.


Davina Reichman is an Australian Fashion Entrepreneur[1] whose fashion/marketing portfolio has international coverage[2].

Davina is the founder and Managing Director of 2 companies: the annual Being Born Again Couture fashion show[3] where fashion designers and artists collaborate to from haute couture garments, iclothing [www.iclothing.com.au] which is iPad compatible clothing and is a fashion designer for her own label "D&Em by Davina" [4]. Davina is currently the PR & Events Director of Couture Fashion Week in New York City and produces fashion shows for famous and emerging fashion designers[5].

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Being Born Again Couture is a show in different cities globally with renowned and emerging fashion designers including Max Azria, Anna Sui, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Akria Isogawa, Marnie Skillings and Nicola Finetti and artists from MoMA, P.S.1 and top Australian galleries creating a haute couture garment each[6] [7][8][9].

Davina inspired and influenced fashion designers. Nicola Finetti and Michael Lo Sordo used the show as a platform to launch their respective new collections at Austrian Fashion Week. Lo Sordo reproduced Horder's artworks for his entire collection in 2010 and Finetti reproduced Peppin's artworks on his attire for his 2010, 2011 and 2012 collection.[10] [11] [12]

Davina directs and produces fashion designer's shows in New York City to raise the profile of talented up-and-comings to “highlight their design capabilities to the New York fashion industry”.[13] She directed and organised photographers, buyers, magazines and media, and an audience of over 700 fashionistas to come to these shows. [14]

iclothing[15] is iPad compatible clothing, featuring "kangaroo" pouches to store the iPad in on the go.[16]

After iClothing’s products were reported as the “world’s first iPad compatible clothes” by the Sydney Morning Herald, Davina was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, "wearing her own twist on the traditional little black dress, the “iDress". “It was inspired by the pouches on kangaroos and koalas,” she said. “Pretty appropriate here in Australia.”" [17]. iClothing's range featured in Gizmodo[18], CNN [19],Blogcritics [20], Hong Kong Fashion Geek [21] and News Limited news.com.au[22]. Davina was interviewed on Mornings With Kerri Anne outside apple store for the iPad launch[23].

iClothing is exploring plans to place electroluminescent lights in their clothes, giving iPad compatible clothing a glow and will introduce heat-sensitive prints.

Davina was interviewed by Fashion ONE TV & NDTV during Australian Fashion Week. During Couture Fashion Week in New York City, Davina was interviewed by Marissa Barkey, Fashion Commentator, ABC News and NYC Revenge Fashion Magazine.

High-fashion and experimental, Davina's sense of personal style can only be described as eclectic. You can expect to be kept guessing, if picking her as a fashion inspiration - who knows what she will be wearing tomorrow?


Reichman was awarded her MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the University of Technology, Sydney [24], and and graduated with honours in Bachelor of Computer Science from The University of Sydney [25].

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