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Dace arose from the skill and creativity of designer Dace Moore. Since its launch in spring 2002, her collections have attracted a growing following. Dace Moore was born and raised in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. The second child of four siblings, she showed her flair for fashion at an early age by playfully dressing up her brother and two sisters.

Her appreciation of and great taste in fine quality clothing was apparent early on. When, with not a lot of money to spare, Dace’s Mother would give each child $100 to go shopping to buy back-to-school clothing, her brother and sister would return home with bags full of clothes. Dace would come back with only one or two carefully selected items. But it wasn’t until, at seventeen, she left the Okanagan Valley after a year of college and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, that Dace would discover she had a passion not only for fashion, but for design as well.

Dace began teaching herself how to sew when she became a young single mother. She started constructing garments from vintage patterns that she collected from thrift stores. She took the blocks from these patterns, manipulated them and created her own designs, which she was soon selling to local consignment stores. It wasn’t until her creations started to sell out that she decided that this new love to be creative with clothing could lead to a career in design. So Dace headed back to school, enrolling in the Blanche Macdonald Centre for Applied Design.

Dace successfully completed the fashion design program at Blanche Macdonald in 1998 and quickly gained media coverage from her participation in local fashion shows. Soon afterwards she got her first job in the industry, as a Production Manager/Designer at United Snow and Skate, a local street-wear/outer-wear company. It was here that Dace acquired strong trade skills, as the head of production for the company and as a designer for the women’s casual/athletic line.

Dace launched her eponymous collection in 2002 and began wholesaling to stores in Canada and eventually to the United States. From the start of Dace’s career her designs have been featured in group shows and applauded by the media, but with the growing success of her company, she is now gaining international attention. With styles that possess sophisticated modern lines, the d a c e brand always conveys a sense of classic femininity. Clothing by d a c e is known for its clean lines and for being well constructed, with attention to fit and detail. The pieces are versatile and designed to be flattering and sexy, with an overall classy but fun look – recognizably d a c e. All operations are executed through the d a c e studio in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. The line is manufactured and produced locally, to high standards of construction and quality.



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