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Converse is an American shoe company that has been making shoes, lifestyle fashion and athletic apparel since the early 20th century. Converse is one of the earliest pioneers in the sneaker and sporting good industry founded in 1908.


Converse Careers


Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoe

After famous basketball player, Charles 'Chuck' Taylor complained about sore feet, the Converse All Star shoe was created [1]. The Chuck Taylor All Star shoe has developed a number of nicknames over the years, such as: "Cons", "Connies", "Convics", "Convos", "Verses", "Chuckers", "Chucks", "Converse", "Chuckalos", "Chuckies", "Chuck Ts", or "Chucker Boots" or "Chuck Taylors" for the higher styles. For decades the Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoe only came in black, with a white variant released in 1947. Under pressure from basketball teams Converse decided in 1966 to manufacture other colors. Different materials also began to be used, starting in the 1970s, including leather, suede and vinyl, and even hemp, rather than just canvas. Besides high-tops, low-cuts and later knee-high versions were produced.

The Weapon

In 1986, Converse released "The Weapon" basketball shoe. Manufactured in many color schemes to match the kit colors of basketball teams, it has been available in both high-top and low cut varieties. The unique aspect of this shoe is the leather construction throughout, including the inside heel which is also heavily padded for comfort. Converse re-released "The Weapon" classic (which Kobe Bryant wore at least three times in 2002 and Andre Miller wore numerous times in 2002 from mid August to early September) several times from 2001-2003 and after, "The Loaded Weapon" in 2003, "The Weapon 86" in 2008, and "The Weapon EVO" in 2009. The first endorsers of "The Weapon" were Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, who were prominently featured in a Converse commercial set in Bird's hometown of French Lick, Indiana in 1986. They were also worn by Axl Rose in the Guns N' Roses music video "Estranged".

Special Editions

Several special editions of Converse shoes have been made, including DC Comics, The Ramones, AC/DC the Sailor Jerry, Metallica, The Clash, Dr. Seuss, Grateful Dead, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, Drew Brophy, Nirvana, and Gorillaz the Control, green, brown or camouflage edition, and the Danny Potthoff. Today stores like Footlocker have exclusive models and others personalise them for you on the go. Three new designs were created for high tops, inspired by The Who. There is also a special collection released called 1Hund (red), where 15% of the profits are used to support HIV/AIDS relief. One hundred artists from around the world were chosen to create designs for the collection.

John Varvatos

Jack Purcell



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