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Comtesse Sofia is greatly inspired by Comtesse de Segur: Of Russian origin, she came to France and wrote a series of children’s books which are set in France but based on her childhood memories in Russia. These books have since become classics and led to the beginning to the famous Bibliotheque Rose of Hachette publishing house. Comtesse Sofia is a timeless classic: feminine, romantic and beautiful. She appreciates luxury and the top quality that goes with it. She combines French elegance and a modern look with Russian Romanticism and mystery. Her signature accessory, a Russian scarf, continues to inspire numerous haute couture collections. Comtesse Sofia Icône Russe is a French company with a special love for style a la russe.

Comtesse Sofia scarves are produced in Russia. Russian artists working at the factory study and restore designs from 19th century scarves that are later chosen and brought to you by French stylists. The result is a Russian scarf of top quality. Quality control is done in France and the company bears full responsibility for the products quality.


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