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Colin Heaney
Founded 2006
Founder(s) Colin Heaney
Headquarters Australia
Website http:///


Colin Heaney knows the Art of Luxury and has created Luxury of Art in the divinely sensuous, high quality silk kaftans, sarongs, scarves and a co-ordinating swimwear collection. Each delicate piece in the Collection is an exquisite alchemy of art, a life time investment. Richly detailed and intricately layered prints are designed to enhance the female form. The vivid colour combinations of the Collection are inspired from rhythms of music, dance, to unique architecture and the intimate interconnection of humans and nature. When a woman slides one of these luxurious garments over her body she moves from one world to another – a breath of elation passes through her, as she connects with her true feminine self. She leaves the concerns of the everyday world behind and re-connects with her inner beauty and radiance. The simple act of dressing becomes a gift to her inner beauty. Each piece is a labour of love, imbued with the precision of Colin Heaney, a perfectionist textile designer and visionary. From the unique mind of an exceptional artist to the form and body of a woman, it is the artist’s intention that each garment move and uplift the wearer, transporting her to exotic locations and back to the true essence of herself. By investing in a piece one of Colin Heaney's collections, you own a timeless piece of art, made in fine quality pure silk to treasure for a lifetime.

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