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There are five different types of foundations out of the many different brands. Powder, Foam, Liquid, Cream, and Illuminizer. Some brands (such as Mac and Nars) will label their colors with letters and numbers NC30 for example is a darker color and the numbers will go down or up depending on the shade. Other brands (such as drugstores) just label theres by light, medium, and dark or in-between shades. You can mix the different textures (i.e. liquid and powder) to create your perfect flawless foundation look. There are also many different tools you can use to apply, such as sponges, brushes, and even your own fingers. Just make sure when applying foundation you do not create a foundation face, always get the correct color (you can do this by testing it on your jawline in the store) and always blend into your neck.


Concealers, just like foundations, come in different textures. There is cream and liquid being the most popular. Concealers are used for concealing, or covering, blemishes. Acne, dark spots, blemishes, and under-eye circles can be cured using the right concealer. Shades differ the same as foundation colors do. You can apply concealers with a stick that usually comes with the concealer. There are also disposable sponges and flat synthetic fiber brushes. Concealers should be applied after foundation but in rare cases work better underneath foundation. You should use them to cover up all redness on your face.


It is these items that range in some of the most important products in a look when it comes to defining and creating your look. A highlighter (usually in the same form as a concealer) is to be appllied to the top of cheekbones to catch sunlight correctly and give you an angelic glow. Bronzers are usually in a stick or powder form. Apply the powder with an angled brush and put it in the hollows of your cheeks when you create a "fishy face" also put it on the outer sides of your nose, this alltogether will create a more defined look and give you a slimming effect (as well as great cheekbones). Blush (which usually comes alongside with bronzer) comes in the same forms and is applied to the apples of your cheeks (the sections that stick out when you smile) these are all in rosy, pinky colors and will give your face a healthy glow.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow, almost always in a powder or pen form, is optional for some people as they cannot seem to pull it off. Different colors depend on eye color as well as skin color. Popular colors are black, brown, burgundy, white, cream, silver, and gold. Some bright colors that work are turquoise, purple, and greens...but should be used sparingly. There are many different looks you can create with eye shadow as well as many different brushes to be used. One of the most popular looks using eye shadow is the smokey eye. Whatever look you choose remember to blend your eye shadows well.

Eye Liner

A product that can make the biggest difference but that is used often too much. Limit the use of your eyeliner, whether it be black (the most popular), brown, or navy. White eyeliner will give you the illusion of bigger eyes and will also wake you up. Liquid liner, gel liner, and pencil liner are the three types used. Liquid and gel is a lot more difficult but also has its benefits. You can create a sleek 60s inspired cat eyes. Choose a 24 hour eyeliner as they usually wear off quickly.


Mascara is the only makeup that comes in one form and one form only. The most popular color, like eyeliner, is black. But you can also use brown or navy as well. There are, however, different formulas. Thickening, Lengthening, Volumizing, and Simple are the most popular ones. You can layer mascaras to get more then one effect. If you still have small eyelashes after the application of mascara, try using false eyelashes.


Tools are endless. Brushes taking the majority of this section, you can find a brush for everything. Eye lining brushes, angled eye lining brushes, shadow brushes, shadow shading brushes, shadow blending brushes, eyeliner brushes, foundation brushes, kabuki foundation brushes, concealer brushes, defining brushes, lip brushes, eyebrow brushes, eyelash curlers, makeup removers, makeup sponges, and many many more. Without a brush, buying a makeup product is a waste.

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