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Cambridge Satchel Company
Founded 2008
Founder(s) Julie Deane and Frieda Thomas[1]
Headquarters Cambridge, UK


The Cambridge satchel company makes traditional leather satchels and music cases. The brand was founded in 2008[2] in Cambridge, England by Julie Deane. Deane had no previous design experience and started the company with only 600 pounds.[3] She was inspired to start the company after she noticed her daughter had become withdrawn from being bullied. Determined to send her children to a better school she created the satchel company, after realizing how difficult it proved to find nice school satchels. She imagined that characters Hermione and Harry from Harry Potter would have used a similar bag at Hogwarts.

All of the bags are 100% leather and are completely hand made at a factory outside of Cambridge. The bag is a timeless classic with the added twist of now being offered in a range of colours. The company have also produced a line of metallic satchels for Comme des Garcons, ASOS and Urban Outfitters.[4]

In 2011, the bag become a cult accessory for fashion bloggers.[5] With their neon and metallic range proving most popular amongst the community.

In 2012 the company will be adding a line of clutches that are custom made to fit inside the satchels.


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